Dona Daria - Kenniscentrum Emancipatie
Dona Daria is a centre for emancipation in Rotterdam. The centre offers diverse activities for women, men and youngsters. The centre organises courses, seminars and expert meetings. Dona Daria develops and publishes brochures and books on emancipation issues as well. A newsletter comes out 10 times a year.

Tornante Trainingen
Tornante Trainingen has long-year experience in the fields of Dutch language lessons and integration courses. Tornante Trainingen strives to offer people in an easy accessible way opportunities to participate better in society. Learning Dutch and integrating in society are two very important principles to do that. The organisation is an accredited language school and has a 'Blik op werk' certificate and a KCE-registration for conducting of examinations.


Stichting Bij Corrie
'Bij Corrie' Foundation is a community center in Rotterdam (Hillesluis) where everyone is welcome for information, various activities or for making nice contacts with the neighbors. 'Bij Corrie' organises activities contributing to personal development of the residents and improving the cultural and social cohesion in the neighborhood. Learning Dutch plays an important part in this process.


Stichting Mara
Mara Foundation is a Catholic organization with volunteer projects set for vulnerable groups in society. Mara wants to ensure that volunteers and the people whom they help, work with faith, hope and love for a better and fairer society.

Rotterdamse Volksuniversiteit
The Rotterdam Volksuniversiteit is an adult educational centre aimed at bringing knowledge and science to the general public. It offers a wide range of courses: language courses in 28 foreign languages, language courses in Dutch as a second language, communication, history, art and culture, creativity, computer, cooking. More than 4200 participants attend one of the 350 courses each year. The courses of Dutch as a second language attract more than 500 students a year. 


Caritas - Caritasverband der Diözese Augsburg
Germanwide organisation with christian background, involved in all kind of support for people, who need help, especially migrants. Work close together with health care providers; advisory for migrants due to health matters.

Kolping - Kolping Bildungswerk in der Diözese Augsburg / Kolping Bildungswerk Lindau
Offer language courses for migrants (so called „integration courses“, which are mandatory in Germany); Face very often daily problems from migrants, for example all questions about health and health care system.


FPT – Fundación Pascual Tomás
Vocational Training Foundation located in Valencia Region. Offers training for workers and unemployed in different industrial sectors, including Health Care.

FEAP – Fundación de Estudios para la Administración Pública

Private non-profit organisation working in the area of training for adults to improve their professional qualifications and employability as well as to facilitate access to public employment.

UGT-PV – Unión General de Trabajadores País Valenciano
Valencia Regional Branch of the Trade Union General Union of Workers (UGT), one of the two most important Trade Unions in Spain.




JSC “Northway medicinos centrai”
Northway is one of the largest private medical centres providing comprehensive medical, day surgery and rehabilitation services in Lithuania.


Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences (VIKO) Faculty of Health Care
Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences (VIKO) is the largest accredited higher professional education institution in Lithuania.  The study programs at the Faculty of Health Care cover a wide range of areas within the medical professions.


Lithuanian Red Cross Vilnius Refugee Integration Centre
The main aim of the organization is to create a responsible, open and equality based dialogue between the refugees and the host society. On a daily basis refugees are provided with information and help in the fields of employment, education, taxation, social security, housing, health services and other relevant topics.

Lithuanian Association of Adult Education
In cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign adult educators and institutions rally individuals and various organizations for promotion of lifelong learning. Main areas of activities of the Association are adult teaching methods, trainnings for NGOs leaders, help for NGOs in creating development strategies, education of adult civic skills and development of adults’ social innitiatives.

The House of National Communities
The House of National Communities was founded in order to create  appropriate conditions for the development of self-awareness and culture of ethnic minorities. The institution works in the fields of culture, education, science and provides services in these areas for the ethnic communities.


CARDET (Center for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology)
CARDET’s mission is to inspire innovation and to promote education, social inclusion, research and development through evidence-based practices, cutting-edge research and empowered people. The Center has been recently appointed as the Cyprus Coordinator of the European Website on Integration (EWSI),, the official portal of the European Commission on issues related to Migration Policies and Integration. CARDET is also running the Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN).The aim of the network is to promote collaboration and exchange of good practices among public and private stakeholders active in the fields of migration and integration.

Open University of Cyprus, Faculty of Economics and Management, Healthcare Management Programme 
Τhe Open University of Cyprus is the second state Higher Education Institution of Cyprus. The flexibility of distance learning and the high quality academic programmes offered by OUC encourage individuals to pursue or complete their higher education, in the event they were unable to do so in the past, for whatever reason. 


Associação de Imigrantes Romenos e Moldavos "Mundo Feliz"
It is an Association of Romanian and Moldavian immigrants based in Oeiras.  It was founded in 2011. This Association develops services related to  legalization, health, education and vocational training, organization of cultural events, etc.

DOINA- Associação de Imigrantes Romenos e Moldavos do Algarve
Doina is an Association of Romanian and Moldavian immigrants based in Algarve, Portugal. This Association develops a big variety of activities with the purpose of promoting a better integration of Romanian and Moldavian people in the Portuguese society. It is officially recognised.  by ACIDI (Public Institute for support of the Immigrants) 

Centro Cultural Moldavo
It was established in 2002; It is officially recognised by the authorities; It has about 680 members. Main activities: helps immigrants to get a job; promotes and organises language learning; organises cultural events, etc


Mission for Bulgaria of the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The Mission for Bulgaria of the International Organization for Migration works with the immigrants in Bulgaria. It has opened 3 informational centres in Sofia, Plovdiv and Bourgas, where immigrants can receive information and help on various matters of interest.

Association for Social Responsibility and Regional Initiatives (ASORI)

The Association for Social Responsibility and Regional Initiatives (ASORI) is a non-government organization, which aims to facilitate the transition of Bulgaria into a European, civil-oriented country based on the principles of mutual social responsibility and sustainable development.


Bulcard Travel

BULCARD TRAVEL is a travel agency offering organised excursions all over the world.



DENTAL SA – Dental centre Ltd.

DENTAL is a chain of dental centres located all over the city of Sofia, which offer high-quality dental services not only to Bulgarians but also to foreign citizens. 

Equi Health

The objective of the EQUI-HEALTH action is to improve the access and appropriateness of health care services, health promotion and prevention to meet the needs of migrants, the Roma and other vulnerable ethnic minority groups, including irregular migrants residing in the EU/EEA.





Association ARABIS is a fully independent non-profit public benefit organization with a main objective to intensify relations between the Bulgarian and Arab societies in all spheres of public life. ARABIS addresses problems such as inter-cultural communication, youth entrepreneurship, anti-xenophobia and integration of refugees, active citizenship of young people and social welfare development.


EuroEd Foundation - Centre for European integration

Societatea Studentilor Medicinisti Iasi